I contacted Dave and William Blake homes after taking possession of my previously owned home and wanted to make some changes. Dave came in for a consultation and we defined the initial scope, estimated budget and schedule. In a follow-up meeting, we revisited the scope of work; changing the back entry closet to an open mud room concept, create a main floor bar and wine storage, replacing a dishwasher, extending the hardwood from the main floor on the stairwell to the 2nd floor, removing carpet for a more suitable or durable floor in the downstair bedroom (which would become the home gym). We agreed to the budget, with contingency for change orders and the baseline schedule.

The flooring was first as the material timelines were the shortest. These deliverables were completed in <10 days (including the removal of existing, selection of new, shipment and installation of the new flooring). Change Orders were coming into play for the main floor bar as we added a second row for bottle storage and design the floating shelves. The rear entry closet was removed and the design for the open mud room concept approved. The main floor bar was progressing with the quartz counter top, bar fridge selected and finalized floating shelves (now with LED lighting). The finished product has helped anchor the main floor and provided or extended the entertainment opportunities as opposed a bar in the basement. It came in slightly over budget and schedule due to the agreed changes. The closet was a journey for both parties. As the design was being made ‘real’ through construction, I re-evaluated my criteria and aesthetics. After consultations with Dave and team, we agreed to keep the now larger square area of the closet, but put doors back into place with some shelving and dividers to increase the usefulness as well as storage. Even with the changes, this came in under budget, although schedule did creep with the design changes. Overall, the budget and schedule were monitored throughout the lifecycle and I was kept apprised through progress reports. This is an expectation of mine that the William Blake team understood, as I manage commercial projects as part of what I do for a living. We actually came in under budget as we stopped the closet development at the appropriate point, and the design options reviewed presented both alternatives to the look and included costs. It was easy to make the decision. I was also grateful for our working relationship beyond the progress reports, as I was unable me at home during office hours. The team accommodated this by supervising the work that was occurring in my home, to ensure the safety of the crews and security of my contents. As well, they would arrange meetings for late in the afternoon or early evening, to allow for my schedule. In summary, the project was a success. I am pleased with the fit and finish of the work, and the fact we come in under budget, considering all the design changes. I would recommend the team if you are considering a major home renovation project as a true partner in the outcomes. Best, Brent E. Douziech"