Our home is the “Transitional Full Home Renovation in Calgary”

We hired William Blake Homes to do an extensive rennovation of the house that I grew up in (built in 1977). We opened up the floor plan by removing several walls on the main floor, as well as reconfigured the ofice, back entry/mud room, laundry and powder room in order to maximize space.

Upstairs, we reconfigured the two bathrooms, master bedroom, and hall closets to maximize space as well as make the space more functional.

We found Dave Tidmarsh to be really knowledgeble, and most importantly very practical. When you’re doing an extensive rennovation there are things that are worth spending money on, and things that are not. Dave was very helpful in identifying things that would add value to the home, and things that we could pass on.

Our project was delivered slightly ahead of schedule (about 1 month earlier than orignally estimated) and on budget. Dave’s experience building and rennovating homes was evident as there were no suprises with respects to costs, and his estimates were very close to the actual spend.

We were really happy with the work that William Blake did, and have reccomended Dave and William Blake Homes to several of our friends,